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Looking for a bankruptcy database? There are many different types - government, corporate, educational. Whether you're looking for a bankruptcy claim transfer or bankruptcy judgements, the information you're looking for is undoubtedly in one of these types of bankruptcy databases.

Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) is the central bankruptcy database used by the government. it allows users to access court case and docket information from Federal Appellate, District and Bankruptcy courts, and from the U.S. Party/Case Index.

PACER, however,  is not just a bankruptcy database.  It is operated by the Administrative Office of the United States Courts and contains the following types of information:

  • A listing of all parties and participants including judges, attorneys and trustees
  • A compilation of case related information such as cause of action, nature of suit and dollar demand
  • A chronology of dates of case events entered in the case record
  • A claims registry
  • A listing of new cases each day in the bankruptcy courts
  • Appellate court opinions
  • Judgments or case status
  • Types of documents filed for certain districts for certain cases

accessed through the Internet though only after paying a fee for such access. Such a database is especially important to attorneys that need to file their client's bankruptcy cases online and also because when there is greater number of filings, courts allows attorneys to use online means for filing for bankruptcy on behalf of their clients. However, this bankruptcy database is not accessible directly to debtors who must thus engage an attorney if they want to find information through this means.

The Corporate Bankruptcy Database

A corporate bankruptcy database contains entirely different information. An excellent example of a corporate bankruptcy database is - bankruptcy database which boasts "the most comprehensive business bankruptcy database and weekly  newsletter available.  Bankruptcy Week is the companion newsletter of and together they provide you with comprehensive coverage of the business bankruptcy industry."

Another bankruptcy database is which can help you to find records of bankruptcies, liens, and judgements. It also will let you do background checks as well as search for information such as criminal files, FBI files, court records and all sorts of interesting stuff. is a bankruptcy database that contains information - bankruptcy related and otherwise - on individuals as well as corporations.  In addition to bankruptcy records, you'll find info on corporate records, death records, court records, professional licenses, property records, sales tax permits, and stock ownership.

Educational Bankruptcy Database

The Bankruptcy Insider is located at an educational institution - Harvard. In addition to being a bankruptcy database it also provides information on financial transactions, liquidations, bankruptcy trends, filings, and a wealth of other information.

There are many other bankruptcy databases as well, but these examples serve to illustrate the wealth of information that is being collected in databases all across the U.S.

The bankruptcy databases will usually contain detailed information such as addresses and other personal information. They will typically allow you to search by a variety of differnt data also.

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